Self taught producer of two years and 2016 debut artiste, L Pank may be new to the Soca arena, but he has already firmly planted his feet and is ready to brave the Soca battlefield.

And he MUST be ready! L Pank was brave enough to call out some of the biggest artistes in the local music industry. In an interview with Hot97svg a little over two weeks ago, L Pank was asked his thoughts on local soca music that he has heard so far. He promptly responded that, while 30% caught his attention, the other 70% “needs more work,” stating that, “Some people only singing because they can. They ain’t giving no extra effort, especially the big names.” L Pank revealed that he was impressed with the contributions of Mason, Keith Currency, Ozari & Hypa 4000 & Kevin Lyttle, however, the bigger names were “very disappointing.” When questioned further, L Pank responded, “Luta for sure.” He went on to confess that he was also disappointed by Jamesy P and that he strongly disliked the song “Voices,” sang by Fireman Hooper and Recka.

As a “newbie” in the business though, L Pank seems to be doing quite alright, with his first release, “Jab Jab Session” racking up over 3 thousand plays on Youtube and regular spins on the radio and his follow up song, “In De Water,” receiving over 1 thousand views in the 6 days it has been released.

L Pank has high hopes of solidifying his name in the Soca industry and eventually establishing himself to the heights of local Soca star Skinny Fabulous, but he is also seeking to be an influence amongst his peers and aspiring artistes. How? By putting his name behind music that isn’t vulgar and by being a reflection of confidence and achieved goals – “A lot ah the youths just need a bit of self confidence.” He said.

When asked for his thoughts on becoming a successful artiste, L Pank’s response was strong and sure. “No matter what people say, just believe in who you are… no matter what!” And on the topic of achieving and maintaining frequent radio plays, a topic which is usually a touchy one for most developing and few established artistes, L Pank shares his own method, “Build better music. Stop studying other artistes and focus on what you’re doing and do it the best that you can.”

Our last question for L Pank turned out quite interesting. “What does L Pank mean??” After a few very telling chuckles, he finally told us and boooyyyyy…… TMI. CLASSIFIED. XXX. -What we can say is… ladies, you might wanna find out for yourselves!

More On L Pank
L Pank’s formal name is Jamarie Stapleton. He is 27 years old and attended the Bethel High School. He dislikes sports, loves music and has ambitions of someday becoming an actor. In 5 years, he sees himself “At the top” brushing shoulders with the likes of Skinny Fabulous.