Mr Vegas is not over his feud with Canadian Rapper Drake and Dancehall artiste Popcaan.

The veteran Dancehall artiste recently had a candid interview with Entertainment Report’s Anthony Miller to speak about his comments about the Rapper being fake and only using the genre.

According to Vegas, he was only upset because Popcaan, Beenie Man, Serani and Mavado weren’t treated fairly because their names weren’t on the album credit and they deserved it.

Vegas is also still saying the Rapper is fake and is only using Dancehall, “I’ve seen interviews where this man [Drake] is saying ‘Big Up Jamaica, Big Up Gaza, Big Up Gully’ and i’m like, ‘Big Up Gully first, then Big Up Gaza now’ no song with Mavado, no feature with Mavado, that man [Popcaan] featured on your record, then he got taken off the record and i’m like this guy doesn’t really rate us,” He said.

Vegas added that if he was sampled on Drake’s album, like when Beyonce did a remix for ‘Standing On The Sun,’ his paper work would’ve made him get a feature.

The Outspoken artiste also talked about Agent Sasco who has recorded singles with Rappers Kanye West and Kendrick Lamar in the past but according to Vegas wasn’t given credit also.

“This goes a long way, it’s like when you’re looking for Assassin’s [Agent Sasco] name beside Kendrick Lamar or Kanye West and you go on iTunes and say ‘where is Assassin’s name but he’s on the record’ but we know his voice, so we know he’s on the record, but what about those artistes millions of followers, do they know about Assassin?,” He said.

“Why are we not good enough to be beside you name,” He added.

Vegas also responded to Popcaan’s insult after defending Drake by saying, “Small minded people think small.”