Calling all MCs!

If you think you’ve got what it takes to go up against Nick Cannon in a rap battle for the ages, hit him up on Twitter…but make sure you’re ready to put up $100,000. Seriously!

Cannon has issued an open rap challenge for anyone who believes they can beat him in a rap battle, which would take place at the BET Experience in late June. The catch, however, is that the worthy opponent has to put up $100K in order for the challenge to work.

“Yo, tell your favorite rapper I got a 100k to battle them June 25th at the BET EXPERIENCE!” the America’s Got Talent host Tweeted. “#WildStyle Who should I get? These rappers scared!”

Cannon says there will be three two-minute rounds during the battle, and the winner would be determined by crowd vote. If Cannon wins (and if his cocky tweets below are any indication, he thinks he will), he plans on donating the money to a children’s hospital. There have been several people who have responded to the open invite, such as Shad “Bow Wow” Moss and Adrien Broner, but no one has been confirmed for the battle.