Gage is working on After Throat, First Edition, his first album. Known for hardcore songs like Throat and Walking Gun, he said the set will be released after the summer and will showcase his softer side.

“A lot of persons believe that I can only showcase the explicit side of me that is highlighted in Throat. But there is a different side of me and my versatility will be showcased on this album, hence the title.”

“This is a family album. There will be no need to skip or bleep out any sections of it. The aim is to widen my fan base while showing off my versatility. A lot of persons may ask why now for an album, but I write songs daily and I decided that my first would be a reggae project,” he said.

Gage is anticipating a strong showing from the single Wish, which was released in February by Icon Music Group.

Gage, whose given name is Ryan Douglas, emerged on the dancehall scene five years ago.

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