In his new book, “Every Little Step,” Bobby Brown admits that he believes that his ex-wife, Whitney Houston, faked her very first pregnancy for PR purposes.

After the both of them got engaged, Whitney told Bobby that she was expecting their first child (this was before she was pregnant with Bobbi Kristina). Unfortunately, she said she suffered a miscarriage–something that Bobby strongly doubts. While he was out on tour, Bobby got the terrible news and rushed back to her on The Bodyguard set. This was the moment he started thinking her pregnancy was a lie.

“I immediately jumped on a plane to go spend time with her on the set. As soon as I arrived, I started to get suspicious. I’m no medical doctor, but she was not acting like a woman who was in the throes of mourning a lost baby,” he said in his memoir.

He continued: “As a matter of fact she was back to filming just a couple of days after it had happened. I never saw any evidence of her pregnancy or her miscarriage, so I started to think that the entire story was a ruse created by her PR team.”

Bobby also explained that when he confronted her about his doubts, she was insistent that she was, indeed, pregnant. But, to this day, he still thinks that it wasn’t true. Bobby believes that her team made it up to try to explain why someone like Whitney–America’s princess–would want to marry someone like him–the Bad Boy of R&B.

“She was supposedly several months into the pregnancy, yet I never saw any hint of a belly. As slim as Whitney was, a belly would have been visible right away–as was the case when she finally did get pregnant with Bobbi Kristina months later, right before our wedding,” he insisted.