Konshens is mourning the death of his younger brother Delus who died from an apparent suicide.

The dancehall deejay, whose real name is Delmark Spence, body was discovered on Wednesday afternoon in a bathroom at his home in Kingston. Sources have confirmed with Urban Islandz that cops have ruled out foul play and list his death as suicide while they continue to conduct further investigation.

Delus celebrated his birthday just four days ago and posted a thank you to all his fans on Instagram just yesterday.

“I want to say big respect to all the people who wish me a happy birthday, and happy Fathers Day, shout out to all the people who made my day special,” he said.

Delus is a member of Konshens Subkonshus label and often collaborated with him on singles. Some of the tracks the two brothers collaborated on includes “Call The Police,” “Better Man,” “So High,” and the 2009 hit “She’s Happy.”

Konshens and Delus first emerged on the dancehall scene in the mid 2000s under the group name Sojah. Their first hit was “Medz Pon Di Corner” released under the Cash Flow label in 2004 and became a No. 1 single in Japan.

The duo went on tour in Japan that same year before releasing their debut album “Sons of Jah.” After dropping the album they then decided to focus on their solo careers but still often collaborate on singles together.

One of the last persons who saw Delus alive moments before his death was dancehall artist Laden, who recalled telling the deejay that he was going to buy some liquor and return to his house.

“Me and the man ah par the last couple of days, we play ball together, we hang out,” Laden told Loop News writer Claude Mills.

“The man live across from Big Ship so mi see him pull up with two girls, he was coming from the beach, and mi hail him and say mi a go buy some liquor fi my birthday ting, and when mi forward in, the whole place quiet, mi think say a police come lock off the ting, and when mi hear from the shout, Delus kill himself, mi unda a terrible meds right now, ah mi dawg, mi caan believe him do that to himself,” he added.

The entertainment fraternity recoiled in horror upon hearing of the incident, inundating Twitter and Instagram with messages of grief and condolences.

“This world has become a crazy and sad place. R.I.P Delus… smh. I just don’t understand…” radio personality Nikki Z tweeted.

Music executive Johnny Wonder posted on Instagram: “#RIP DELUS Condolences to @KonshensSojah and the whole Spence family!!!”

Konshens is very distraught about his brother’s death.

Watch the official video for Konshens and Delus “She’s Happy” below: