Teflon, the top producer for Reggae singer Chronixx says he won’t be making music with the ‘Here Comes Trouble’ artiste again.

The CEO of ZincFence Records, real name Romaine Arnett, took to social media on Wednesday to call Chronixx a ‘Waste Man,’ in a now-deleted post, while adding that he doesn’t want to be associated with him anymore.

In a photo of the two, Teflon says “Me and a this #WasteMan will Neva Make music Again !!!! don’t associate me with this #WasteMan ⊙⊙⊙⊙.”

While using the hashtags, “#mainfocusistoremainfocused #TopWorksProjectVol1©
#realpeopledorealthings #Teflonzincfence 🙏 #ZincFenceRecords Only 🌎🔌#GodBlessedMe #NewVision #Reinvent #neweverything #changes.”

Teflon’s comments sent Reggae fans into a frenzy, however industry insiders tells The Tropixs that this could just be a publicity stunt for their upcoming project.

Teflon has since deleted his post, however on Wednesday afternoon, Chronixx also took to social media to make a post of his own.

The 23-year-old artiste uploaded a photo of himself on stage with a mic in his hand with the caption, “All i ever needed. ☄”


Referencing his 2012 ‘Beat & A Mic’ single. Guess Chronixx is trying to say he doesn’t need any producers he’ll be ok.

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