Busy Signal was a big hit at Reggae Sumfest Reggae Night on Saturday. The dancehall star delivered a well received set that was overshadowed at the end when he tossed the mic and stormed off the stage.

After performing hits like “Reggae Music Again,” “One More Night,” “Night Shift,” “Naw Go A Jail Again,” and “Wine Pon Di Edge,” Signal was told that he was almost out of time and Busy didn’t take the news too well.

“Every year unnu do this,” Signal said while on stage. “Don’t show me no watch and don’t tell me about no time. It’s a good performance and the people them love whats going on. If corporate Jamaica didn’t like me I would deal with you wicked but we have too much to loose.”

The deejay then sang two lines from his next song before tossing the mic and exiting the stage.

Organizers of Reggae Sumfest did a good job of keeping the show organized and there were several acts to perform after Busy Signal including Luciano, Tarrus Riley, Super Cat and Sanchez.

(Source -urbanislandz.com)