Warner Bros. Pictures celebrates its 75-year anniversary of the legendary Wonder Woman with a new kickass trailer. San Diego’s Comic-Con (2016) released the first-ever look at our generation’s Lynda Carter, played by Fast and Furious star Gal Gadot. Although Wonder Woman is now eligible for a senior citizen discount, her fight for and embodiment of girl power is absolutely timeless!

The trailer uses an adrenaline pumping theme song to introduce the Israeli actress as Diana Prince. Wonder Woman’s original captivating beauty and bewitching charm is brought to life through Gadot, while still perfectly maintaining her strong and independent image. Her powerful nature and subtle hints at feminism brings a sense of empowerment to women all over, just as it did back in the ’70s. Throughout the trailer, fans also get a glimpse at Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, a USAF pilot discovered on Paradise Island and Wonder Woman’s love interest.

While millennial fans of Wonder Woman celebrate their new Amazon princess, the OG herself takes a stroll down memory lane, celebrating the 75th anniversary of her role as Wonder Woman with a commemorative USA Stamp.