Faith Evans is at the center of a lawsuit after reportedly jumping ship for a scheduled performance in order to take part in the Bad Boy Family Reunion tour.

TMZ reports that according to legal documents, Jeremy Hill booked Faith Evans to perform at Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta on September 10, 2016. Hill reportedly paid Evans $17,500 as part of their agreement. However Hill had an inkling that things weren’t going to go as planned when he found out that she was part of the line-up for the Bad Boy reunion tour– and that the tour was scheduled to hit ATL on September 8th, no less.

Hill says his contract with Evans included a non-compete clause, meaning that she wouldn’t be allowed to perform anywhere within a 100 mile radius of his scheduled show for the six months leading up to September 10th. Nonetheless, Hill says that Evans is trying to back out of his deal.

He’s suing her in an attempt to block her from doing the Atlanta Bad Boy show, and he’s also demanding $100,000 for getting ditched.