The accolades keep on rolling for Kanye West, who now surpasses Michael Jackson with forty top 40 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100.

The song that put Kanye West ahead is actually a track he’s featured on for Schoolboy Q’s “That Part.” The song is the second official single from Q’s Blank Face LP — the album currently sits at no.7 on Billboard’s Rap Album chart.

There’s also no evidence of Kanye West slowing down also, and from the looks of it, he could easily surpass the likes of Marvin Gaye (41), Chris Brown (42) and even his “Big Brother,” Jay-Z (45). Furthermore, with projects like the Cruel Winter album and a rumoured Drake collabo coming up, it shouldn’t be no surprise if Mr. West moves up in the top 5 of the list in no time. As for women artists, specifically Taylor Swift, she has 50 top 40 hits to her credit. A long way to go for Yeezus, but definitely attainable depending on how much T-Swift slows down on the charts.

Top artists who’ve dominated the top 40 hits on Billboard’s Hot 100.

1. Elvis Presley – 80
2. Lil Wayne – 69
3. Elton John – 57
4. Drake – 53
5. Stevie Wonder – 46
6. Jay Z – 45
7. James Brown – 44
8. Chris Brown – 42
9. Marvin Gaye – 41
10. Kanye West – 40