Kendrick Lamar’s new commercial for Reebok debuted Monday, and it finds the Compton rapper spitting some freestyle bars and discussing the origins of his rapping. The video shows Lamar reminiscing about how he first got into rapping.

“By the time I started writing when I was thirteen, I knew from the jump that I wanted something that was original, something that was classic,” he said. “When you think about rhymes and style you always want a classic feel. So my first introduction to a classic shoe was the moment I stepped in school and I said to myself I want to put something down on paper I started writing. Everyone in the classroom was wearing Reebok classics.”

Lamar also discussed his love for the entire culture behind hip-hop, including its art and fashion components. “Hip-hop was more than just the music, it was part of the culture, it was part of having style, it was part of the whole graffiti and arts. It was only right that I would wear the Reebok classics then. I still remain that classic guy, and that’s why I’m wearing the shoes now.” Interspersed in the video are clips of him freestyling, as well as footage of his photoshoot with the company and some other shots of him.

The commercial comes in support of Kendrick’s Classic Leather “Perfect Split” shoes, which he designed in collaboration with the shoe company earlier this year. You can check out Kendrick Lamar’s entire video spot for Reebok and his new shoes above.