As we draw closer to the harrowing holiday season, do you feel a sense of dread slowly overtaking the very fiber of your being? Dope. This NSFW trailer’s for you. Bad Santa 2, the inevitable sequel to the 2003 original, once again stars Academy Award-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton as notorious holiday ruiner and makeshift Santa Claus, Willie T. Soke.

This time, Willie is teaming up with Marcus (Tony Cox) to rob a Chicago charity on Xmas eve. But Willie’s mother, played by Kathy Bates (American Horror Story), complicates what should be a quick and easy knock-off job by popping in to inspire Willie and Marcus to strive for greater (though still criminally inclined) things.​

“Some of the nasty stuff is even nastier,” Billy Bob Thornton told Metro earlier this year of his decision to revisit his vulgar holiday character more than a decade later. “But this one has more heart. Even compared to the heart of the first one, which did have a beating heart. It went to both extremes a little more. We have a couple scenes that you could put in On the Waterfront.” Going to just take you at your word on that one, Billy Bob.

Just to be sure all possible holiday tomfoolery is ruined, Bad Santa 2 is sliding into theaters Nov. 23. That gives the film a full month of anti-holiday debauchery and (at least according to Thornton) more of that “beating heart” at your local cineplex. See it or don’t. Willie Soke doesn’t care.