Bunji Garlin was presented with the keys to the Arima in a ceremony at the Arima Borough Corporation on Wednesday, for his “outstanding contribution to the upliftment of the borough on the occasion of its 128th anniversary.”

According to the Deputy Mayor Lisa Morris-Julian, Bunji was given the award as a true Gens De Arime, French patois for Arima People.

Not only was Bunji given the keys – which were last given to indigenous people in 2013, but he also received the crest, which is usually only given to the mayor and council.

Morris-Juian also went on to say that Bunji is a great inspiration to the young people of Arima

“One of the best things I could say is how much he loves Arima, he promotes Arima, when it comes to Arima it is a big deal. His children show last Carnival he gave it for free. Adults go that show and they pay to go in because is the best show in the East. He decided to make it free and he didn’t skimp, it was huge, it was fantastic, that was his gift to Arima, he is always willing to give back along with his wife, always willing,” she said.

Alvarez’s parents, Harriet Alvarez and Eric Ted Benn, were among the guests to witness the key presentation.

In a post on Instagram, Alvarez said:” Last evening I was presented with the keys to the borough of Arima. It was a blessing to receive such an honour and it was double to have my mother and father alive in my presence to see it and also to have my very own family to share it with.”