Chris Brown is most likely celebrating right now. The singer won big in his long, drawn out court battle against Nia Guzman, the mother of his daughter. A judge denied every single one of Nia’s requests regarding custody of 2-year-old, Royalty.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Nia filed four requests. She wanted full custody of Royalty, monitored visitation for Chris, an order for him to submit regular drug tests, and she wanted to deny Chris’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, the right to see her grandchild. All four requests were tossed out. Instead, the judge ordered to maintain joint custody, with Chris getting Royalty 12 days a month.

While Chris dodged a big one, the punches kept coming for Nia. When she initially filed the custody suits, a judge ordered Chris to pay her $20,000 so she could afford a lawyer. Now the judge mandated she pay Chris back, stating she wasn’t entitled to the money.

Royalty’s mother was supposed to go up against Breezy in a child support battle next. She requested $16,0000 a month in child support instead of her current balance of $2,500. But in light of her recent loss, Nia has withdrawn her petition.