There’s plenty of reasons to love Mariah Carey. She’s an amazing vocalist, she’s an incredible businesswoman, and, she’s also sexy AF. But, apparently, the latter has landed her in a bit of trouble.

According to TMZ, the singer is making a return to Las Vegas this month and spent thousands of dollars on billboards to promote her upcoming shows. In true Mimi fashion, she signed off on a racy image in which her breasts are barely covered by a gold sheet. Though many people wouldn’t mind such a sight, two airports in southern California have banned the billboards for being “too sexy.” That’s right, Mariah Carey has been deemed too sexy.

The advertisements, which may never be released, were supposed to go up near the Burbank and Orange County airports, but those plans have been scrapped due to the amount of skin shown in the photos. So are the airports just being prude? Well, according to TMZ, the proactive images might also be too much for Vegas.

The site reports that Caesars Palace, the venue where Carey is set to perform, has also requested a censored version of the billboards. Still, the Complex cover star is insisting that the originals be used. We’ll see if she gets her way.