Bounty Killer wasn’t joking when he said Beenie Man is now his ‘frenemy.

The former rivals teamed up recently to work on a new track which will be featured on Beenie’s upcoming ‘Unstoppable’ album.

The 21-track project will be released on August 26 and will be distributed by VP Records. The album will also feature Sizzla, Agent Sasco, Verse Simmonds, Tarrus Riley, Tristan Palmer, and Christopher Martin.

“Well we have a mad track with Bounty Killer and Triston Palmer called Blue Lights,” Beenie Man said. “There’s another with Christopher Martin called They Don’t Know. We have Verse Simmonds on a track, called Stuck on You. Agent Sasco is featured on Call The Crew. Run Road remix features Carolina rapper J Gunz, and we also have Tarrus Riley on the track, Dancing Mood.”

Among the producers on the album includes Major Lazer, Seanizzle, Mario C, Don Corleone, Jeremy Harding, Jordan McClure, Tony Kelly, and more.

Unstoppable will mark the first album from the self-proclaim dancehall king in 10 years. “The album shot; it’s a hot album,” Beenie said about the oft-delayed album. “I love every single track the same. This album is like one of those classics. You just put it in the CD player and make it run, you no haffi skip no track. From start to finish, it solid.”

Beenie Man will also be going on an Unstoppable World tour to promote the album.