Former New Orleans Saints Safety Darren Sharper sobbed in a courtroom Thursday (August 18) as a judge sentenced him to 18 years in prison for drugging and raping or attempting to rape women in four states.

The 40 year old plead guilty or no contest to charges in relation to drugging and raping women in a New Orleans federal court and state courts in Louisiana, Arizona, California and Nevada. Both Sharper and one of Sharper’s victims made emotional statements before Judge Jane Triche Milazzo. Sharper apologized “a thousand times” to the women he violated and to his friends and family.

“I lived my life right for 38 years and then I took this path,” Sharper said.

The victim’s voice broke many times as she gave her lengthy statement. According to CBS News, she said she was so disgusted by Sharper’s violation she would often get nauseous while simply brushing her teeth, and had share a bed with her mother just to sleep through the night.

The unidentified woman also said Sharper was so cocky and “twisted” that he continued drugging and raping women even after he knew the attack on her was being investigated. The victim was one of two women Sharper drugged and raped at his condo after a night of partying in September 2013.

Prosecutors suggested a nine year prison sentence for Sharper, however Judge Milazzo thought the sentencing was too lenient. Charges surrounding the country include nine victims, however the total maybe as high as 16.

Sharper plead guilty to three counts of distributing drugs with rape as the intent. His friend, a former sheriff’s deputy in St. Bernard Parish, Brandon Licciardi placed sedatives in women’s drinks to rape. Milazzo will sentence Licciardi on October 13. He accepted a 17 year sentence and another co-defendant Erik Nunez who will be sentenced to 10 years.