Well, this is an odd coincidence. After reports of Diddy getting in a huge breakup fight with Cassie, he’s now suffering from a shoulder injury.

According to AP, Puff has delayed his “Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour” because of this mishap. Instead of performing in Chicago, Illinois on Aug. 25, the Chi-town show is now scheduled for Sept. 1.

The tour includes other Bad Boy legends like Lil Kim, Faith Evans, Mase, The Lox, 112, and more. So, unfortunately, they’ll all have to wait until the bossman recovers enough to get back onstage with them.

Earlier today (Aug. 19), reports began circulating about a major argument he had with his now ex-girlfriend. Apparently, things got so bad between them that police had to be called.

We wonder if this shoulder injury has anything to do with this incident, or its aftermath?

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