Outspoken dancehall artiste Mr Vegas recently sat down with HipHopDX for a candid interview where he spoke about his recent comments about Canadian Rapper Drake, wanting to do music with him and his final album titled ‘This Is Dancehall’.

“This album is inspired by what is going on with the surge in what people call Tropical House and stuff like that,” Mr. Vegas said on his upcoming project. “If you listen to the Justin Bieber track with Major Lazer, that’s Dancehall influenced. But, do they give it credit as Dancehall?”

While addressing his comments about Drake being fake and not giving credit to dancehall and the artistes, Vegas said “I’m a straightforward person and not going to try to play hypocrite because I’m hoping Drake is going to put me on a record or Rihanna is going to put me on a record. I’m just going to be straight up if it’s bulls**t. If it’s bulls**t, it’s bulls**t. First of all, I don’t have a problem with anyone who does Dancehall or Reggae music or artistes who cover Dancehall or Reggae music as long as people are recognizing where it’s coming from and giving the artistes their due.