Three of Master P’s children are going to bat for their father during his bitter divorce from their mom Sonya Miller.

As we previously reported, P, born Percy Miller, was ordered in November 2015, to pay his estranged wife $16,574 in spousal support and $10,473 in child support monthly until their split is officially settled.

Hercy, Mercy and Itali Miller are all 17 or younger. The child support funds are supposed to be used for them, but according to new legal documents filed by P, they spend the majority of their time with him because of their mom’s alleged drug addiction.

Master P and Sonya Miller are going through a bitter divorce

TMZ reports that the kids have submitted letters to the court asking to have their dad’s monthly payments to their mom reduced.

17-year old Itali says her grades suffer when she’s with her mother.

“Although I love being with my mom I was unable to keep my grades up,” Italit wrote. “Unfortunately, my mom was dealing with addiction issues that affected my older sister, who hasn’t even had the opportunity to graduate high school.”

P claims he’s not raking in money like he used to. “The Bout It, Bout It” rapper told the court he lives on a monthly income of $2,441 and only has $432 in the bank.

Sonya and P have nine kids and have been married 25+ years.

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