Earlier this week The Gully Gad released a single ‘Dem Run Eeen’ aimed at Popcaan reigniting their feud which started back in July.

In the Troyton Music-produced track Mavado took jabs at Popcaan calling him a traitor and midget who’s just looking hype for Sting 2016.

“Like a likkle p***y dem a try rise against the don eno, well anything a anything the war start dem fi know weh dem stand eno, Portmore seh fi step pass the father guh murder the son, p***y yuh wi get five inna yuh face fi the words of yuh tongue, yuh doah bad doah seh yuh damn bad, traitor yuh nuh wut a likkle gran bag,” Mavado deejays in the gritty single.

On Saturday Popcaan released a counteraction titled ‘dutty dread’ which was produced by Notnice Records.