Tyra Banks will share the wisdom she’s gained from decades of being a business-savvy fashionista with college students at Stanford University next year.
Banks will teach up to 25 M.B.A. students in Stanford’s Graduate School of Business in a two-week class called “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand.”
According to the course description on Stanford’s website, in the class, which is run by management professor and former producer Allison Kluger, students will learn “What is a personal brand and how can it be unleashed as a valuable, competitive advantage? Why do you need a personal brand? How do you differentiate yourself and create a brand identity and strategy? How do you use social and traditional media to enhance your brand effectively, as well as measure the metrics of social media responses? And how do you know when to pivot and evolve your brand for sustainability?”
Banks and Kluger will help students build an image to support their brand, instruct them on how to navigate on-air exposure and assist them in developing a strategy to promote their brand on social media.
The class will culminate with students sharing their “honed personal brand” via Facebook Live, local TV and YouTube. Before the course kicks off in April 2017, students are required to submit a video explaining who they are, what their personal brand is and what they want it to be.
Banks has also been tapped to co-host “Funded,” a new reality show that will feature entrepreneurs competing for an investment in their with start-up companies, Variety reported.
“I have spent my life encouraging people to BYOB — Be Your Own Boss. Making everyday people’s dreams come true is what I live for. ‘Funded’ is the life-changing type of TV power project that gets me pumped. We will enlighten and entertain audiences big time and encourage our viewers to attack their most outrageous goals with fierce determination,” Banks said.