After years in the making the REAL Black Rave has finally made it to the city of Toronto!
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SVG’s legendary performer, Skinny Fabulous is teaming up with Canada’s legendary promoter, Dr Jay to host the event for the very first time in The 6! Why? Because it’s time to expand the brand!

“It’s all in an effort to expand the Skinny Fabulous brand as well as the Vincentian product, Skinny being a Vincentian Artiste and Black Rave being a Vincentian event.” Skinny said. “In the same way Scorch, Soca Brainwash, Roasted, Limerz Cruise all these are brands were born in different territories and traveled, i’m looking to do the same.

The show will not compete in the saturated Caribana weekend, but will be held the following weekend on September 24th, at the Phoenix Concert Theatre.

Besides Skinny Fabulous, 3 other acts are scheduled to perform, their names will remain anonymous up to performance time. The show maintains the same dress code, countdown, no MC format and patrons will receive LED lights, LED sticks and LED eye wear to complete their Black Rave experience.

Tickets can be purchased at Ticket Gateway.

As for future events, Skinny Fabulous already has his sights set on Miami!