Dancehall artiste Elephant Man has been gaining some notable attention for his latest collaboration ‘Hip Sings’, which was done with overseas-based DJ-songwriter and producer DJ Sultan.

The self proclaimed “Energy God” is reportedly beaming with optimism as the single continues to flirt with crossover success. The promising track has now charted in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot Singles sales chart for the past three weeks, peaking at #10.

The track titled “Hip Sings” is described as a fusion of electronic, pop, reggae, and soca music to create a unique sound was written a produced by Dj Sulton.

“It is a great look, first we did the original and we remix the song afterwards. The reaction to the original was very great so, Willie Daniels and VP did the remix and the song is being picked up by radio stations all over the world. Right now, the ting loud!” Elephant Man said.

The Dancehall veteran who recently regained his United States work permit says he intends to make a significant impact on the US market following his previous success on the Billboard charts with singles such as “Jook Gal” and “Pon Di River.”