The beef between Drake and Meek Mill continues to escalate.

On Sunday, August 21, Drake’s “Summer Sixteen Tour” pulled into Philadelphia for a concert at the Wells Fargo Center.

During the show the Toronto rapper performed “Back to Back” and said Meek “did this to his motherbleeping self” and wasn’t from Philly.

Meanwhile, Meek and his Dreamchasers goons were outside 200 deep, ready for a confrontation.

Meek made and then deleted an Instagram post claiming nothing happened because Drake was escorted away from the venue by police.

“When u run out the back door wit 12 and use the “old man” 2 save you!” Meek wrote. “I’m done, you had Philadelphia swat with you” Ima go head hang up it with these suckas! Had y’all tucked in back there for hrs lol#stillrunning I only came to talk lol.”

A couple of the goons posted videos.

“I’m letting y’all bleepas know right now we 100-200 deep. Dreamchasers, we gon’ press this bleepa drake. He disrespectful,” one says.

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