Leslie Jones’s official website, JustLeslie.com, was hacked on Wednesday after a hacker gained access to her iCloud account and posted explicit nude photos of the comedienne seemingly having sex, as well as screenshots of her driver’s license, passport and other personal pictures.

The anonymous hacker has completely sabotaged the “Saturday Night Live” cast member’s website, posting a YouTube video featuring Harambe the gorilla at the top of the page. As widely reported, Jones was previously taunted on social media by trolls who compared her to the gorilla that was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo earlier this year. Also included are personal selfies of Jones with various celebrities, including Rihanna, Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and 50 Cent. Her personal documents and ID’s have also been leaked.

Additionally, there are graphic pictures of the comedienne seemingly engaging in sexual intercourse, however her face can not be seen in the images. But there are also other photos of Jones taking nude selfies in front of a bathroom mirror, as well as one of her lying naked in bed.