According to TMZ, Chris Brown’s accuser, Baylee Curran, expressed to a friend that she wanted pay back after she was thrown out of the singer’s home.

When the alleged incident between her and Breezy occurred, Curran texted, “This motherf**ker’s about to go down,” to another friend who had already left the party. Christian Bonilla, the guy who brought Curran to the get-together, spoke on “TMZ Live” about the whole situation.

Bonilla said that he had already left with three other friends, when she called him and asked him to pick her up. One interesting thing that Bonilla said during his interview was that Curran is “not the kind of person you want to get angry.”

Yeah, we can definitely tell from the alleged text that she sent! Harvey Levin from TMZ even noted that this sounded like she sounded more angry than scared for her life, after allegedly having a gun pulled out on her.

Chris’ team has already claimed that the Curran — who’s also wanted for questioning for a theft in NYC — is making all of this up because she was mad that she got kicked out of his home.