Just when it seemed the details surrounding Chris Brown’s arrest Tuesday couldn’t get any weirder and convoluted, Angel Monroe, a former friend and roommate of his accuser Baylee Curran, is speaking out with new theft allegations against Curran and sharing her doubts that an assault took place in Brown’s home.

“I know she steals. I know she was obsessed with Chris Brown, she always has been,” Monroe told Complex of her former friend via email. “Do I think she did it for attention? Sure. Do I think Chris told her to get out? Sure, and maybe startled her, but I truly don’t believe she was assaulted.”

According to Monroe, she and Curran met more than four years ago and soon became friends, even working small modeling gigs and living together off and on. In fact, in May of 2012, the two women attended the Billboard Music Awards and were together when Curran met Brown. Tweets from Curran’s account in 2012 suggest she attended the award show with hopes of running into the singer.

Monroe says her friendship with Curran was troubled, however, and that while living together she suspected the former beauty queen of stealing number of high-price items from her, including clothes, a four-carat engagement ring, three other diamond rings, two diamond heart pendants, a Chanel diamond set and other jewelry she’d been given by an ex-fiancé.

“Once things went missing, I told Baylee to leave and pack up and get the F out,” Monroe says, adding a detail similar to the Brown incident: “She called the cops on me and threatened to tell the cops I tried to assault her.”

Monroe alleges that in another bizarre incident Curran also held her laptop for “ransom,” demanding that she be paid $400 for its safe return.

Coincidentally, TMZ unearthed a restraining order Thursday that Curran filed against another of her former roommates, a man named Princeton Roseborough. According to the document, Curran claims Roseborough assaulted her and threatened to hire a hitman to kill her. Roseborough adamantly denies the claims.

“I’ve had a past encounter with Baylee Curran back in 2013. She was my roommate and also made false assault allegations against me that resulted in a restraining order that forced me out of my own home for a month,” Roseborough wrote in a post to Facebook. “She never even took her allegations seriously enough to show up in court when it came time to. Whole thing went away, didn’t have merit, but my whole life was still turned upside down for a month. She’s been pulling this BS for years now.”

Despite the allegations of theft and ransoms, Monroe says she and Curran ultimately fell out because of petty jealousy over jobs, men, and looks.

“We had a lot of fun and we are still polite to each other as we were best friends,” she told Complex. “But I could never trust living with her again or trust her around my valuables as many of my personal diamonds went missing and that still haunts me, my personal experience being robbed.”

Monroe added, “I’m not saying Chris couldn’t have handled the situation better, but if I could do it again I would have protected my diamonds better.”