Yesterday was Beyoncé’s 35th Birthday. Of course, because she is Beyoncé, she’s decided to celebrate in style by spending the weekend with First Lady Michelle Obama and her two daughters Malia and Sasha. The President, Barack Obama, is currently on a foreign trip to China. The Lemonade singer, along with her daughter Blue Ivy, was spotted in Maryland yesterday after getting off a flight from a private jet on the way to the Presidential retreat at Camp David.

It makes sense that Beyoncé would be invited to celebrate her 35th birthday alongside the Obama family. She, along with her husband Jay Z, were on hand to celebrate the President’s 55th birthday at the White House. She also famously sang the National Anthem at his second inauguration.

All over social media, fans and fellow celebrities alike have been wishing the singer a happy birthday.

— Simone Biles (@Simone_Biles) September 4, 2016
happy birthday to the world’s best mentor x friend! we love you so much @beyonce

— chloe x halle (@chloeandhalle) September 4, 2016
It’s Beyoncé’s birthday so I’m spiking everybody’s drinks with Lemonade.

— Akilah Hughes (@AkilahObviously) September 4, 2016
happy birthday beyoncé i have stanned you for the vast majority of my life on earth

— i love beyoncé (@harinef) September 4, 2016
Happy Birthday to the queen, legend, and goddess Beyoncé 😍👑

— FREDDY (@FreddyAmazin) September 4, 2016
Happy Birthday @Beyonce 🐝🍋

— Alfredo Flores (@AlfredoFlores) September 4, 2016
Let’s hope they have solid WiFi at Camp David so that Bey can bask in all of the online fan love.