Dancehall artiste Dexta Daps was in for a surprise recently as a couple engaged in taboo acts during his performance stealing the show.

The California couple had all eyes on them during the ‘Morning Love’ singer’s set in Oakland after a male patron shoved his face in the thighs of a female which was hoisted in the air, a video of the incident has since been circulating online.

Speaking on the incident Daps said that it was the first time he had experienced anything like that at a show, however he continued his set out of professionalism.

According to the artiste who recently went viral after his nude photos were leaked online, it was not the time or place for those actions. “It was a stage show, not a tongue show, that was the wrong place and the wrong time,” He said. Daps added that, “Don’t get me wrong innu, I would bun it out same way if it was a man and a woman having normal sex because that was just not the place for it.”