The New York City District Attorney’s case against Desiigner is falling apart at the seams.

As we previously reported, the 19-year old “Timmy Turner” rapper, born Sidney Selby III, was arrested along with four other people on Friday, September 9, after someone called the police claiming he had pointed a gun at them during a road rage incident.

When police stopped the SUV Desiigner was an occupant in, a subsequent search turned up hundreds of pills that were reported at the time to be OxyContin and methadone.

Police arrested and charged everyone in the vehicle with 2 felonies … criminal possession of a controlled substance and criminal possession of drugs with intent to sell.

In addition, Desiigner was charged with menacing for pointing a gun at the other driver during the alleged road rage incident and felony criminal possession of a loaded weapon.

During the rapper’s arraignment on Saturday, September 10, the D.A. dropped the gun charge because police didn’t find one. The intent to sell charge was also dismissed.

The pills were still being tested at the time, but his attorney said all of them were anabolic steroids prescribed to the driver.

As he walked out of the courthouse a free man Saturday, Desiigner spoke to reporters.

“They tried to keep me in there, you feel me? But when you doing it right, keeping it positive they can’t lock you up. Eee, eee, eee! Rrrrraaaahhh!” he said.

“Why do you think they’re after you? Why do you think they said you were in a road rage incident?” he was asked.

“You know what time it is,” he replied.

TMZ is now reporting that the tests on the pills found revealed that they were all steroids.