This was no ordinary stage rush.

A man at rapper Kanye West’s concert in Atlanta Monday night attempted to board the performer’s now-famous floating stage.

In a moment captured on video, concert-goers hoisted a fan high enough to grab onto the base of the platform where West performs suspended above the crowd.

he man didn’t stay hanging long. He quickly let go after the singer signaled for him to get down.

“Everyone just kind of turned and looked at each other like, ‘did that really just happen?'” said Chase Brown, 19, who attended the concert and shared a video of the incident on social media. “But the show continued and not much was said about it. The overall show was great, Kanye put on a great show.”

Brown said he does not believe the fan was hurt.

The moment came halfway through the concert as West performed his 2010 hit “Power.”

Atlanta provided the ninth stop for West’s “The Saint Pablo Tour,” which began last month in Indianapolis.

The tour’s unorthodox stage design wowed fans after footage was first posted to social media. West performs in a harness on a platform suspended from the rafters and floating above the crowd