For those of you who have a ton of thirstbuckets and other assorted trash individuals all up in your Instagram mentions, it looks like Instagram is about to make your day. TechCrunch reports that a troll filter, which was initially reported on back in July as a service that was given to business accounts, will change the way you read your comments for the better (which is the opposite of that awful timeline remix IG pulled on us).

How this new filter works is relatively simple: Users will be allowed to hide inappropriate comments based on a custom keyword list that they can create. This will make it easier for, say, a struggling soca artist to hide comments about the artist being a said struggling soca-ist without having to block users or totally deactivate their Instagram account.

As TechCrunch (and Instagram) pointed out, this gives IG users a preemptive defense against the BS of the internet. The service is public, which allows anyone with the app and an opinion the opportunity to be all up in your mentions, talking slick about whatever they see fit. So if you know some nonsense could go down in your photos for, say, your wack album cover or a gorgeous shot of you and your boo all hugged up, the power to hide the roasts is now in your hands.

Instagram is also taking a page from Facebook’s book and making it easier for you to find your friends’ comments. After the update, you’ll be seeing your friends’ remarks ahead of others on posts in your timeline. Simple, but a better way to peruse the app instead of wading through the “cop my mixtape” requests and whatever other nonsense comments clutter IG posts.

Word is this update is to be pushed out to all users some time on today, so you might want to open up Notes and get your list of words ready now.