50 Cent and his oldest son Marquise don’t have the best relationship, and even worse, a few of their squabbles have been documented on social media.The latest fight in their bumpy bond occurred after the Power executive producer posted a clock counting down the days until he no longer has to pay child support.

Dated on Marquise’s birthday, October, 13, 2017, 50 Cent made it clear he’s fully aware of the date he legally will no longer have to financially support his oldest boy.


“Man real life is gonna start sooner than you think,” 50 Cent commented. “Sad part is I wish you well. Good. #Shaniquagetajob”

Marquise later responded by also taking a job at his old man, stating despite his well wishes, he missed a few milestones. “Don’t worry, I’ll make you proud,” Marquise wrote. “Just don’t forget to tell me happy birthday that day [because] you missed a few.”

Back in February, 50 Cent attempted to reach out to Marquise via Instagram in hopes to begin mending their relationship. In the comment, 50 spoke highly of his son who looks just like him.

“You will be 20 in a few months I’m happy to see you in good spirits. You be strong out there on your own boy. You are a grown man now,” he wrote. Marquise, seeing his father’s comments, returned the sentiments in kind. “Didn’t think you knew how old I was, u missed a few birthdays. I’m happy to see you have kind words to say to me this time,” he responded.

Getting wind of their correspondence, Shaniqua Tompkins, Marquise’s mother later intervened with a few unsavory comments of her own.

“Miserable, unstable, bum ass n***a! You’re so miserable! Go pick on them boys who put that hot led up in your a**! Oh! I forgot you like to pick on women and children,” she retorted. “Them boys in Brooklyn did you dirrty!! Go beat up your other baby mother, oh you did that already and you’re on 3 years probation. Go make sure [your] son’s motor skills are correct. Can he talk???”