A British man tried to auction his wife off on eBay in an attempt to be rid of her whining.

According to reports by the Metro, Simon O’Kane, 33, tried to sell his 27-year-old wife Leandra on eBay, putting her auction listing — published as “Used Wife” — under the “Vehicle Parts & Accessories” section. O’Kane claimed his object of sale had “some good miles left”, stating that it was “[n]ot a bad model for the year”. In addition to this description, O’Kane mentioned that he may be willing to do a part exchange for a “younger model”.

Mr. O’Kane’s wife was extremely upset by the listing, which was inspired by Leandra whining at Simon for feeling sick one day, with Leandra claiming that her husband was a hypochondriac.

The auction reached £65,000 before being removed. The offers, according to the couple, were mostly humorous, with one exchange offer being made for a camel. Simon reassured reporters that this was all a big joke, and that he loved his wife too much to let her go.