Daniel Pantaleo, the NYPD police officer who killed Eric Garner after putting him in a chokehold for selling cigarettes, took an extra $23, 000 dollars home at the end of the 2016 fiscal year.

In 2014, the year that Eric Garner was killed, Pantaleo’s base pay was reportedly $76, 488. After working overtime as a plainclothes anti-crime cop, he received $99, 915. Following the death of Garner, his base pay saw a slight rise to $78, 026, and at the end of the year he took an astounding $119, 996 home. Pantaleo received more than $23, 000 for desk duty, of which $12, 853 reportedly came from “unspecified pay”. One of the NYPD’s spokespersons said that this rise in pay was nothing out of the ordinary.

However, the family of Eric Garner saw this rise in pay as an insult, and a slap to the face. Supporters of Garner, including Reverend Al Sharpton, were not only outraged by Pantaleo’s pay rise, but by his presence on the force in the first placed, considering his actions in 2014.