The Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign is the only known horoscope sign which is completely based on an actual person. The sign had its origins also based on a constellation also called “Ophiuchus” (Serpent-bearer in Greek). Stephen Schmidt originally suggested the idea of a 13-sign zodiac astrology back in the 1970’s, and a couple of other astrologers and ideas followed in its wake. Some astrology practices such as Hindu astrology does not recognize Ophiuchus as a legit or “official” horoscope zodiac sign because it contradicts with their general idea that the zodiac is divided into 12 equal parts. The idea was indeed controversial at the time it was introduced (the original book had 14 signs of the horoscope, the other one was Cetus), and the controversy somewhat died down with the introduction of the additional signs lost in publication and astrological studies.

Recently though, on January 2011, Ophiuchus was revisited and was dubbed the “13th sign of the horoscope” by a publication entitled Minnesota Planetarium Society. The statement was made by Park Kunkle, and it clearly made another round of headlines that drove the general public into endless debate whether they will officially recognize the newly introduced sign as an official addition to the current 12 signs of the horoscope.

Generally speaking, the Ophiuchus Zodiac Sign can be certainly contradicting at best. Some of their positive traits fall into the negative qualities of the horoscope, while some of the negative qualities deeply mirror the positive side of the zodiac signs. It is indeed rare to have one sign completely be classified as a middle grounded sign, but the general qualities of the Ophiuchus sign sway towards the Water dominated signs of the horoscope.

The new 13-sign year:
Aries Apr 19 – May 13
Taurus May 14 – Jun 19
Gemini Jun 20 – Jul 20
Cancer Jul 21 – Aug 9
Leo Aug 10 – Sep 15
Virgo Sep 16 – Oct 30
Libra Oct 31 – Nov 22
Scorpio Nov 23 – Nov 29
Ophiuchus Nov 30 – Dec 17
Sagittarius Dec 18 – Jan 18
Capricorn Jan 19 – Feb 15
Aquarius Feb 16 – Mar 11
Pisces Mar 12 – Apr 18