If you thought Pebbles planned on backing out of her case against Viacom over their portrayal of her in the 2013 VH1 biopic, “CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story,” you thought wrong.

Last Thursday an Atlanta federal judge ruled against Viacom’s motion to dismiss Pebbles’ suit, allowing Reid to proceed with her $40 million defamation lawsuit, despite Viacom’s claims that she has no case.

After TLC signed with Reid in 1991 the group reached tremendous success thanks to chart-topping hits like “Waterfalls,” but the trio struggled financially, eventually filing for bankruptcy. In the movie, Pebbles is portrayed at having only paid the group $25 a week!!!
Her lawyer Stacey Godfrey Evans told Page Six:

“We are thrilled with this major win against Viacom and look forward to justice . . . Ms. Reid worked hard to ensure the success of TLC, and she is ready to present that story to a jury. The negative portrayal of her in the TLC movie is simply not the truth.”