N’Keal Harry left St. Vincent & the Grenadines with his grandmother, Felna Harry, at the age of 3+ years, for a better life in the US. Fast forward to the present and N’Keal is a freshman at Chandler High School, Arizona State Sun Devils wide receiver and has been rated as the number one reciever in the country, according to a January dated post on azcentral.com!

After an impressive showing in the Under Armour All-American Game, Chandler’s N’Keal Harry has been elevated to the No.1 wide receiver in the country in the final 2016 football player rankings by Rivals100.
Harry had five catches in the All-American game. He will play in another one, the International Bowl, on Jan. 31 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.. – AZCentral.com

This is also reflected in N’Keal’s impressive profile on the Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Athletics website.


N’Keal is not only praised for his skills on the field but also for having a humble spirit, something he credits his grand mother for as she is his biggest influence.

“She wants to make sure I’m not that type of guy that is always talking about myself or that’s always out there acting a fool,” Harry said Tuesday. “I’m really doing that for her because she’s always told me when I leave the house I’m a direct reflection of her and she always told me don’t embarrass her, or the name on the back of your jersey. So I make sure I’m remaining humble at all times.” – Arizona Sports

Sounds just like a Vincentian parent/grand parent.

Grandma Felna went on to speak about the sacrifices she made in her own life to allow N’Keal chase all opportunities open to him.

Felna suspects that N’Keal’s diversity of sporting options has helped him become the athlete he is today, but she is crystal clear in highlighting his greatest attribute.
“It doesn’t just come from natural talent,” she said. “He has put in a lot over work over the years.”
So has Felna Harry. She worked (and still does) night shifts as a caretaker for Hospice of the Valley so that she had time to get N’Keal to and from school and all his sports. Initially, she was studying to become a nurse at Chandler-Gilbert Community College, but that changed when she realized the two weren’t compatible.
“I would sit there at practice with a book trying to study and at the end of the practice he would quietly come to me and say, ‘Grandma, did you see that catch I made?’ I would say ‘no’ and he would be crushed,” Felna said. “He wanted me to see what he was doing so I had to put my life on hold for him. It took a lot from me, but I did have a lot of help from his coaches.” -Arizona Sports

When it comes to his hard work and dedication on and off the field, N’Keal once again attributed this to his grandmother own dedication and being rasied on Vincentian ethics.

“The people in St. Vincent work hard to get what they get,” N’Keal said. “That’s kind of where I get my work ethic from because all I know is my grandma working hard.

“When we first came to the United States, it was real rough because we had to start from the bottom. Just seeing her doing that was a great example for me. I’m thankful and I’m blessed that I got to see that because I believe that’s why I am the way I am today.”

Felna admits to a tinge of pride at N’Keal’s early accomplishments and all the media attention he is garnering, but she worries that her boy is growing up too fast and she can’t guide him like she once did when he lived with her in Chandler. It’s a common refrain for parents and grandparents, but it’s a reality that Harry’s teammates tell him it is time to embrace. – Arizona Sports

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