Legendary Hip-Hop producer is Swizz Beatz is caught up in a $42 million civil racketeering suit filed by Metro Gem Leasing and Funding Corp.

According to The New York Post, the lawsuit claims Swizz Beatz and a co-conspirator named Macky Dancy leased cars to the super producer and his wife Alicia Keys.

But Metro Gem claims Dancy’s dealership Dancy Auto Group took 10 cars Swizz leased between 2013-2016 and re-leased them at a hefty markup, with rates going north of $7,000 each month.

The lawsuit claims Dancy Auto Group even re-sold a Ferrari F12, even though the company did not own the luxury vehicle.

Swizz’ representatives have denied all of the allegations and said that he and his associates “are innocent pawns in a years-long, multi-million dollar dispute.”