French Montana gifted his rumoured girlfriend Iggy Azalea seven diamond rings.

Earlier this month TMZ caught up with Iggy at the airport where they asked her about the rapper, she told them French is just her friend even though she’s not ruling out a relationship with the rapper

She said, “I’m single… we’re just friends,” But when the paparazzi asked her to rate the possibility of the two getting together on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being most likely – the “Fancy” rapper said she would rate the possibility above 5.
Iggy took to Instagram a few days ago and posted a photo showing off her bling with the caption ” He told me pressure makes diamonds @FrenchMontana @iceman_nick

This gesture came shortly after her ex-boyfriend Nick Young was spotted by the paparazzi kissing his rebound girl Paloma Ford.

French and Iggy were also spotted kissing each other a few weeks ago which led people to believe that the two were romantically involved, neither parties have confirmed whether or not they’re in a relationship but things seem to be heating up quickly between the two.

French Montana also made his debut on the hit series Empire which returned to Fox earlier this week, the Bad Boy rapper plays a character who goes by the name Vaughn who is a powerful music mogul and could serve as a strong ally for either cookie or Lucious. Further into the season the character develops into a love interest for Cookie (played by Taraji P Henson) which could create some drama between Lucious and Vaughn.