Kylie Jenner would like to know why she can’t enjoy her Maybach, Ferrari, obscenely large diamond promise ring and Gucci purse in peace, thankyouverymuch. But courtesy of the lawsuit her boyfriend Tyga—the source of these luxurious gifts—is currently embroiled in, King Kylie will likely have a difficult time doing so.

Entertainment Tonight reported Saturday that Jenner has been tapped to testify under oath about how Tyga can afford to lavish her with presents. The rapper was sued in 2013 by celebrity jeweler Jason Arasheben for an alleged unpaid balance of over $270,000. Arasheben’s lawyer, Danny Abir, is claiming that if Tyga has any extra cash, he should be paying Arasheben back—not buying Jenner $320,000 cars.

Abir also told ET that the couple will be questioned separately and privately, so Jenner won’t have to go to a courthouse any time soon.

“Our client, Jason of Beverly Hills, has a judgment against [Tyga]. Until he pays off this judgment, unless he has other means of paying off this obligation and does, his sources of income used to buy these extravagant gifts or to support such a lifestyle should be used to satisfy his obligation. That potentially includes the gifts themselves,” Abir told ET.

ET reported that both Jenner and Tyga are expected to be available for questioning until Oct. 6.

He added that his team would ask Tyga questions “related to his finances, such as to his source of income to support his lifestyle as well as to pay for the extravagant gifts he buys Ms. Jenner.”