Black Rave, the Toronto edition was nothing short of a huge success!

In a sea of Black the whirlwind (waterspout ) appears

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The show, which followed the same, anonymous artiste & count down format of the original show here in St. Vincent, featured four top Caribbean soca acts; Lava Man – representing Grenada, Lyrikal – representing Trinidad & Tobago, Fadda fox – for the Bajan massive and of course Skinny Fabulous, along with pan man Rodney Small. However, there was one additional act who was a surprise even for Skinny Fabulous himself – Trini soca artiste Kerwin Dubois!
According to reviews from various attendees of the show, as well as video footage, each artiste took the stage and completely sssshhhhheeelllled!!

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Rodney Small, especially, received major love from the crowd as he fanned the flames of the Caribbean love affair with pan, on stage.

Skinny Fabulous, creator of the Black Rave Brand, expressed sheer PRIDE for having a successful show in Toronto.

“Black Rave is something I am very proud of. As they say, “that’s my baby and so to see it grow locally in St Vincent is one thing but to export it to Toronto and have it be a big success is another thing. I got goose bumps just looking at the other acts run on and perform. I was as excited as the people in crowd as I watched my show both as a patron and as the promoter . Shout out to Dr jay for lending his links and resources.”

Cover photo by @Danaejam (Instagram)