Charlo Greene, the KTVA broadcast reporter who in 2014 went viral for saying “f*ck it” on live television right before she quit her job to run the Alaska Cannabis Club, now faces 14 offenses, which if convicted, she can be sentenced to 54 years in prison.

Greene spoke with The Guardian and said it’s “dizzying” to think she may end up in jail for the rest of her adult life. Real name Charlene Egbe called the court proceedings a “modern day lynching” and continued by saying while her on-air exit may have been humorous, her appreciation for marijuana grew when she learned it’s a healthier alternative than alcohol.

“It was something I had been taking for granted – that this could literally be changing these people’s lives,” the 28-year-old said.

In 2014, Alaska passed a measure which legalized the manufacture, sale and possession of marijuana, which then went into effect in February 2015. The state however did not finalize any rules or regulations on its retail. While state legislatures worked out the kinks, The Alaska Cannabis Club allowed people to buy “memberships” and in return for marijuana when they made “donations.”

Police weren’t too keen on this business, and sent in six under covers to purchase “memberships” which resulted in two raids in a five month period. “I saw all my siblings … with these guns that my tax dollars paid for pointed at them for what was now legal.”

Greene has plead not guilty and a trial is expected in the coming months.