Veteran Dancehall artiste Beenie Man is currently celebrating a milestone in his life after he finally quit smoking cigarettes.

According to the ‘King Of The Dancehall’ the habit was finally broken after over twenty-one years with the help of his current girlfriend Beauty Queen/TV host Krystal Tomlinson.

The 43-year-old ‘Girls Dem Sugar’ deejay took to social media on Monday to share the news with his fans in a lengthly post, “I have caged the monster,” He wrote “The Beginning: In 1995 I went to Japan and cudnt get any weed and for the 1st time sent for a box of cigarettes to take edge off. From then til now I was unable to kick the habit. For the last 10 months Krystal Tomlinson (wid di nagging) wz encouraging me to stop but I had to do it in stages. Mi cudn go cold turkey cz Rasta nuh nyam certain tings yuh zimmi! 1st thing I stopped doing wz smoking the actual cigarette.”

He continued by saying, “I would only blend the tobacco into di spliff. Then 2 weeks ago I just stop. Completely. It nuh easy fi drop a 21-year old habit but mi finally kick out da one ya. Now is just di natural herb fi calm I nerve. Give thanks. #MoreLife#LongLife #HeathyLiving #SelfPreservation#KingBeenieMan.”