Investigators may have landed on a crucial piece of evidence in the case of Kim Kardashian’s armed robbery. Despite reportedly hitting a dead end with surveillance footage from Kardashian’s Paris apartment, TMZ claimed Wednesday that police have now seized footage from a nearby shop showing a reflection of the attackers in a mirror.

A separate report from the Sun Tuesday indicated Paris cops had seized footage from two security cameras at the Bel Ange nail salon, located “a stone’s throw” from Kardashian’s apartment. TMZ, however, spoke with the owner of the salon and clarified Wednesday that the footage most likely came from another nearby shop in the busy retail area. Physical witnesses to the crime have been mostly eliminated, with Us Weekly reporting that neighbors “did not hear a thing” at the time of the armed heist.

Another camera reportedly captured the moment the armed robbers walked through “an unlocked backdoor down a parking lot corridor.” In addition to collecting security footage, authorities have also reportedly gathered a variety of physical evidence. TMZ reported Wednesday that police now have in their possession cigarette butts believed to have belonged to one or more of the attackers. DNA tests are being conducted, with cops hoping the attackers already have a criminal record and will easily find a match.

Entertainment Tonight reported Tuesday that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were now in the process of “rethinking” their security team. “Kanye is freaking out,” an unnamed source said. “This really threw him for a loop. There will be a lot of things that change now in terms of security, especially with the children.” One of those changes, Entertainment Tonight added, will reportedly be the addition of undercover security officers.

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