Local songbird, Kahailia Beach is now under the management of Tarakon Records!

Yesterday, Kevin Lyttle & wife Jacqueline Lyttle, founders of Tarakon Records, signed a contract with Kahailia Beach in the presence of Kahailia’s former manager Dawson Lewis of Creative Entertainment, officially sealing the deal.
Kahailia, known for songs like “Do Sumpn,” “Costume” and “Aye” excitedly took to social media to share the news, expressing gratitude and thanks to both Creative Entertainment & Tarakon Records and highlighting that she is signed not only as an artiste but also a writer.

Former manager, Dawson Lewis posted the following to his social media, congratulating Kahailia on taking the step.

The record label also expressed it’s delight in having Kahailia Beach on board via Facebook:

Jacqueline Lyttle, who sits at the helm of the record label, was equally excited and openly welcomed Kahailia into their camp with the following post:

“The first day we considered expanding the record label, Kevin said that he wanted to be able to work with and introduce Kahailia’s big big voice to the international stage. They had the same voice coach back in the day.
Welcome Kahailia Ryan-Beach!”

Since the official signing, Kahailia has received numerous congratulatory posts, messages and well wishes from peers, fans and other Vincentians, expressing genuine joy at her bright future.
Tarakon Records also received high commendations for signing a local artiste and for their continued support of their country, culture and fellow Vincentians.