Waka Flocka Flame has his eyes on the biggest and most lucrative position in the United States- President. The 30-year-old musician has tried to get involved in politics before, attempting to throw his name into the selection pool for Speaker Of The House after he found out he was too young to run for Prez. However, he found a loophole in the rule book for potential POTUSes, and he’s ready to plead his case for your vote.

The loophole is that he will serve as the running mate of 67-year-old wrestling legend Ric Flair, who certainly meets the age requirement. In a video posted to the rapper’s Twitter page, Waka discusses his newly discovered loophole in front of patriotically-colored cans, before cutting it over to his running mate, who gushes about Waka to two females.

“You could have Waka Flocka and The Nature Boy on the same ticket now,” says Presidential hopeful Flair in the video. “Register to vote! We won’t lose!”

Even more amazing, you can purchase Flair/Flame 2016 merchandise on their website. This seems like a lot since there’s only a few weeks left until the election, but considering the fanbase of both stars, it shouldn’t be difficult to scrummage up votes. Time to “Make America WOOOO Again.”