A new Peter Tosh Museum is set to open its doors officially to the general public today in Kingston Jamaica.

The exhibition is geared towards promoting a deeper understanding into the life of the icon for visitors. Peter Tosh was born in Westmoreland on October 19, 1944. In the 1960’s, he migrated to the volatile community of Trench Town; where he met Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer, the three formed the group “The Wailers” in 1962.

“The Wailers” sold more than 250 million albums worldwide; they released more than 20 chart hits in England, including seven Top 10 entries. In 1973, Tosh left the group to develop a solo career.
Tosh went on to launch a hugely successful solo career that saw him consistently touring the world. But he would returned home occasionally to visit his family. On September 11, 1987 at around 8:30 p.m. Tosh was gunned down along with his common-law-wife and six others when rubbers entered his Kingston home.

The Museum will showcase artefacts including personal items and interview with people who knew the icon. Pulse chairman, Kingsley Cooper is responsible for the erection of the museum which is housed on the Pulse Headquarters. Cooper believes that visitors should walk away with a better appreciation of Peter Tosh and the views he shared and believed in.